Good Education. Strong Work Ethic. Dreams Do Come True.

 Ursula Burns is chairperson of VEON

Ursula Burns is chairperson of VEON

Dreams do come true, but not without the help of others, a good education, a strong work ethic and the courage to lean in. Ursula Burns was raised by a wonderful single mother in the rough public housing project of Baruch Houses in Manhattan, NY.  Ursula had three strikes against her: black, female and poor. However, her mother didn’t see it that way. On a modest salary, Ursula’s mother managed to send her to good Catholic schools.

Ursula Burns did not allow her environment to define who she was and knew that education was her way up and out.  It would have been so easy for Ursula to give-up on her dreams. But she didn’t; she embraced a series of “lean-in” moments: taking an internship with Xerox in upstate New York, going to an Ivy League school for a graduate degree. Ursula’s dreams did come true. She believes through a good education, a strong work ethic, and the courage to “lean-in,” anyone can improve their position.

In 2009, Ms. Burns became CEO of Xerox, making her the first black woman CEO to head a Fortune 500 company. As the CEO of Xerox, Burns “greened-lighted” a major acquisition which transformed the company from a copy and printing firm to a technology and services enterprise. Forbes rated Ursula Burns the 22nd most powerful woman in the world. Among other civic positions, she was a leader of the STEM program for the White House from 2009 to 2016, and served as President Obama's chair of the Export Council.

Today, she is currently chairperson of VEON, a senior advisor to Teneo and will join the board of the beverage company Diageo and Uber. Ms. Burns works hard to serve as an inspiration to what is possible and to offer access to opportunities. She teaches young people how to “lean-back” and then “lean-in.” This is the reason Ursula works with so many organizations that help minorities and women gain the education and self-respect they need to take risks and to dream big. Ms. Burns believes in paying it forward.


Dreams. Fierce Determination. Joy.

 Joy Mangano, the star of the movie Joy, has sold more than $3 billion worth of home products.

Joy Mangano, the star of the movie Joy, has sold more than $3 billion worth of home products.

Joy Mangano grew up on Long Island, tinkering in her father’s metal shop. She dreamed of inventing things that would improve life. But, sometimes life can be unkind. After a failed marriage, Joy, a single mom, spent many days struggling just to make ends meet.  She worked as a waitress, a reservation clerk and selling homemade grapevine wreaths.

Despite all the obstacles and frustrations, Joy never gave up on her childhood dreams. One random day while cleaning the floor, she had a light bulb moment: The concept of the Miracle Mop was born. The rest, as they say, is history.

The producer of the movie Joy said, “The idea that drew me to Joy, was the story of more than 40 years of a women’s life; from the magic of childhood, through a failed marriage, divorce and single parenthood, to fulfilling her dreams.  How do you tell the story of a person’s soul?”

Over time, Joy developed a quietly fierce determination that sees her through to build a business empire. There were lots of naysayers, but Joy never gave-up. She pushed through many external obstacles. In the film, Joy battles a mysterious man in Texas who claims to hold the patent to another self-wringing mop, invented in China. She flies to Dallas to confront him and discovers information that bolsters her case. It's a perfect scene to illustrate Joy's determination.  

Joy believed in herself even when the whole world didn’t. She said, “Sometimes it feels like the whole world is watching and waiting for you to fail. When you surprise everyone with all the success you’ve achieved, it makes you feel that much more amazing.”

Achieving success is a hard and arduous journey. You have to gather your courage and never give up. Success isn’t pretty and it is not convenient. However, Joy’s story shows you that if you keep going, the rewards are worth the wait.

Five tips to “joy-ous” success:  

1.       Always be yourself. 

2.      Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself.

3.      Don’t take “no” for an answer.

4.      Put in the work.

5.      It’s not about where you start, but where you’re headed.

Don’t let a crappy job or life’s obligations stifle your ambition. Everyone start out at the bottom, but what really matters is where you end up at the end of it all. Don’t quit until you reach the finish line, because it may be more glorious than you could ever imagine.  

Passion. Commitment. Vision.

 Lori Carter is an Airbnb Owner

Lori Carter is an Airbnb Owner

Meet Lori Carter; she hit her lowest point in life about 15 years ago. Her husband was battling addiction and decided to leave her and his six children to figure out life alone. Lori struggled financially. She was left with a mountain of debt her husband racked-up without her knowledge. But Lori knew two things: the art of the deal, and the value of hard work.

“When your credit is ruined and you’re left with no money, it’s hard to dig yourself out of a hole,” she says. 

Society often views top achievers as powerful men like political leaders, doctors, CEOs and entertainers. But, there are great stories of highly successful women who are less public—like Lori Carter; who came from the brink of bankruptcy to create a mini AirBnB empire in a beautiful, but often overlooked area of Georgia on the Tennessee border. 

“My best and worst quality is that I don’t give up,” she says. “It’s a good quality to have and it’s one that’s not always in my best interest.”

When Carter was in high school, she worked five jobs and still graduated a year early. She had her first daughter less than a year later—she was 18. Even at this early age, Lori figured out how to get a loan and put a down payment on her first house. A year later, they did the same with another home when the opportunity presented itself.

"That was a way for folks who really didn’t have money to learn how to acquire wealth,” she says. “You could buy a house live it in for a while, paint and powder and you could sell it.”


Lori went on to start two additional businesses: a carpet cleaning business and an estate liquidation business, before hard times hit in the early 2000s. The recession hurt business, and Lori began falling behind on her mortgage payments on her cabin near picturesque Lookout Mountain. It was her daughter who turned her on to AirBnB. Lori decided to rent out one of her rooms.

“I thought, ‘Wow, if I can just get five nights a month that’d be great,’ ” she recalled. “And boom, I started getting guests almost every night. AirBnB was huge for me.  I was able to start a business without having to spend any money.”

DaMar Staffing supports women business owners, because we learn from the way women tackle life and business issues.

Grow Your Business in Layers.


We are living in an era powered by technology, fueled by information and driven by knowledge.  To grow and prosper in today’s global business environment, it is important to understand how to leverage these things to win. Long-term success demands systematically working to create greater value.

Most people understand financial capital and its value. However, you can’t stop there; it is vital to think about capital in three distinct layers. True innovation relies on the ability to capture and interpret the current and future growth needs of your business and your customers. The three layers of capital you should recognize are social, human and financial. To be a competitive organization the leaders will have to understand and buy-into these three layers.

1) Social capital: The network of relationships you have among employees and potential partners, and effectively leveraging them for maximum opportunity. This requires building and managing social trust, perceptions and beliefs. These are the fundamental ingredients involved in building a solid brand.

2) Human capital: the skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by individuals, viewed in terms of their value or cost to your organization. It is imperative to hire and manage the right people you need for growth. This requires properly training and encouraging them to rise to their full potential.

3) Financial capital: is having the financial resources to invest in infrastructure, building capacity and acquiring good talent; next, you must develop your talent and financially reward your top talent. 

It takes more than sustaining to succeed in today’s business environment. You must look to improve your current situations and build valuable platforms and new strategic ways to maximize your growth. Consider an innovative way you may apply all three capital layers into your growth plan. The goal is to devise a new an evolving initiative that is capable of putting your company on a path to long-term success.

It's Time to Open Your Eyes.


Open Your Eyes and you may see firsthand how difficult it is to harvest quality talent. To win in the recruiting game, it is important to broaden your vision and change how you evaluate talent. If you learn how to improve your ability to identify talent, it opens up the market for you. Stop focusing so hard on policy, procedures and protocol; you will miss the hidden jewels that may not fit into the standard box. Become comfortable with breaking standard recruiting practices. Look beyond the paper.

Ask yourself; what does good talent look like? Here are three qualities you should look for when evaluating talent:

1)      A natural leader

2)     The ability to listen (coachable and trainable)

3)     Willingness to work hard

If you spot these three qualities in a candidate—grab them. No matter how they look on paper. These attributes are the fundamental building blocks of a winner.

Magnetism is an Irresistible Force.

Are you making the same mistake that many other firms are making; focusing on recruiting instead of systematically building a strong talent brand? Companies with a strong talent brand will increase their ability to hire top talent. Firms with a weak talent brand will continue to struggle to attract and maintain quality talent.

Companies are struggling to find and hire good people—it’s all-out war.  Quality talent is out there, the challenge is finding it. One problem is firms are chasing the same people.  The only way a company can rise above the recruiting crowd, is to become magnetic. This means developing a talent brand that attracts quality talent verses chasing it.

The Three Keys to Magnetic Attraction

1.          Company culture: develop an environment where people want to work and can make                 positive contributions to society.

2.         Develop young talent: help employees grow, provide training, and offer advancement                 opportunities.

3.         Corporate engagement: turn your mission and purpose into relevant collaborative social             projects. 

Magnetism takes work, but it is worth it. Build a reputation for being a good company to work for and your firm will see multiple benefits.

Seven Tips to Write Powerful Notes that Will Change Your Life.

If you’re looking to boost your career search, a well-written letter can be a game changer. “Trust me: as an expert recruiter and career coach, I can guarantee if you take the time to customize a short letter or hand-written note, it will open doors.” The right message will highlight in a few powerful sentences why you are special.

Chances are you encounter people on a regular basis, who can help change your career path. The key is to recognize them and know how to proactively connect; it’s called networking. This is not a lesson in networking; but without meeting new influential people, you are isolated in your own little world—few new opportunities there.

This article is about the power of notes designed to open doors of opportunity and possibilities. Here are seven tips on how to write a compelling message:

·       Make it personal — make a personal connection between you and the individual you are           writing.

·       Say something nice about person — “I admire how you accomplished career success.”

·       Be clear that you are excited to meet and/or work with them. Offer to help with a                     challenge they may have.

·       Include two sentences about your background; offer just enough information to show a             relevant connection and fit.

·       Mention the name of a mutual associate or connection (if possible).

·       Make an ask or give a call-to-action, like a 30-minute phone call or to meet for coffee. (Do         not go overboard or inappropriate.) Ask in a way that feels collaborative and beneficial.

·       Explain your rationale and objective behind sending the note and asking for a meeting.

Writing an unexpected note can make a huge and lasting impact. If you identify the right people and tailor your message, they will jump at a chance to meet you and explore your talent, enthusiasm and value.

Tiffany Thompson is the president of DaMar Staffing Solutions, a top recruiting firm located in Indianapolis.  Ms. Thompson is a top recruiter and works with clients locally, regionally and nationally.

It Will Take More than Talk to Fix These Issues.

The country faces real issues related to the long-term economy woes and poor job prospects. Millennials and their children will face economic challenges and limited opportunities to prosper through high paying jobs. More than half of the jobs in the growth sectors pay $35K or less. Of the jobs projected to be newly created among top-growing healthcare-related occupations, 71 % will pay less than $30K. DaMar can help you plan your future career moves.

Today, 42 % of U.S. workers make less than $15 per hour. That needs to change. Middle-income jobs are going away and low-pay jobs are growing rapidly. Women (55%) and people of color (60%) are over represented in the jobs paying less than $15 per hour. About half of the U.S. workers ages 35 and older earn less than $15 per hour are. DaMar works to find the best talent and to find them the highest paying jobs possible.

Many job seekers will have to take bold action and move beyond their comfort zone. The job market is getting tighter and more competitive. Candidates need courage and self-confidence to succeed. It’s important to understand how technology's role is creating, shaping and managing job opportunities. Candidates must become technologically savvy to qualify for better paying jobs, improve their quality of life, and share in the new economy equitably. DaMar helps connect people with new opportunities.

You can’t afford to stumble into a good job; it takes a detailed plan and a good strategy. No matter what career or experience level you’re at, you’ll need a road map. Here are five key points: 1) Figure out your value. 2) Make a list of firms that fit you. 3) Define your brand and message. 4) Identify any red flags you have. 5) Learn how to negotiate.      

Prepare yourself for 2017; the first 60 days will be critical. If you are looking and ready for a career change, start writing a new résumé now. Remember to put yourself in the shoes of those who will be hiring you. What will make HR managers excited about you? Your answers need to be reflected in everything you do—from your responses on job searches to your cover letter, your résumé and your interview. Craft a compelling story for yourself. That becomes your personal brand. Take your life into your own hands, and go to work. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve with the right mind-set.

DaMar Staffing is a small firm specializing in finding unique individuals and passive candidates for both temporary and permanent needs.



Dare to be Different

Building a successful staffing firm requires finding and nurturing special relationships with loyal clients. It’s not an easy process to accomplish, especially in a market saturated with staffing agencies. DaMar Staffing competes with some of largest staffing firms in the state. Success requires honesty and hard work; there are no short cuts or clever one-liners leading to business development. DaMar has learned an agency must offer real value to each client. This team is driven to understand the things that matter to clients and make those things a top priority. The motivation is to make each client’s job a little easier.  

Every staffing firm says they are different from other vendors in town and will build meaningful relationships. Staffing firms bombard HR managers claiming to have unique tools, a special process for reviewing resumes or sourcing candidates.  Many will exaggerate the fact that they have access to a select group of quality candidates. 

  We’re Different.

We’re Different.

The truth is sourcing, candidate screening and reviewing resumes are indeed not that different; most industry professionals use standard “best practices” for all these functions. Moreover, if staffing agencies had a proprietary candidate database to recruit from, why do so many clients get the same candidates submitted by different agencies all the time?

DaMar Staffing does not have a proprietary database or special/unique software for reviewing and processing candidates, but they do have a thorough knowledge of the industry, the marketplace and their competition. So, what makes DaMar Staffing different? Their recruiting team is very careful to understand the client’s expectations and then becomes an advocate for that client.

DaMar gathers and shares information that clients and candidates can actually use. This helps each individual become more successful at reaching his or her goals. Matching the right person to a specific job assignment requires patience. This is how DaMar delivers positive value. It is the core business strategy, which permeates the team at all levels. The objective is to develop mutually profitable opportunities.

The commitment to build successful relationships runs deep and it involves a combination of people, processes, knowledge, insight and trust.  And DaMar does it the old fashioned way—elbow grease, sweat and experience. 

   Value is the Difference.

Value is the Difference.

Here are seven things that may set DaMar apart in the industry:

            1.       DaMar recruits and interviews constantly, looking for the best talent

            2.      They don’t over-promise and will honestly set client expectations

            3.      A small team of committed professionals will serve your account; you can deal with                    the same person each time

            4.     The passion of the president to serve is unquestionable

            5.      DaMar tracks their successful talent and maintains meaningful connections

            6.     Each client is respected and is truly involved in the recruiting process

            7.      You can expect a team of experts who offer real value

That’s it. DaMar Staffing is a boutique firm specializing in finding and building unique relationships. This model is not right for everyone, but if you are looking to build a close partnership with a staffing firm that delivers on demand solutions, at an affordable price, DaMar may be just what you need.



Core Beliefs Shape Brands

  Brands Need to Stand for Something. 

Brands Need to Stand for Something. 

DaMar Staffing Solutions of Indianapolis is a full service, contingency-based recruitment firm focused on administrative services and professional staffing for all industries. Founded on integrity, excellence, inspiration and service, DaMar Staffing strongly holds these core beliefs and applies them in every thought and action. These values reflect the DaMar brand.

Clients and candidates can always expect a high level of commitment and drive from the DaMar team of professionals. The staff endeavors to build deep engaging relationships with individuals. It is important to establish honest and long-term associations with the people within the community where everyone lives, work and play.  

The company provides cost effective, on demand solutions and flexible recruiting answers. Using traditional sourcing, recruiting, screening, reference checking, and interviewing methods, DaMar can meet most corporate needs. The DaMar team researches work related tends, employment laws/issues and job opportunities and is ready to discuss different social topics.

This team is here to help and work toward innovative solutions to keep the community moving forward. It all starts with healthy conversations. What is on your mind?