Personalized Services Designed To Meet Your Needs.

When DaMar Staffing promises to be your staffing partner, they really mean it! To meet the growing demands of clients and candidates, DaMar added a mobile crew to meet with people on-location. DaMar is employing more individuals outside of Indianapolis and it helps to send recruiters to meet with people in their area. “We promise our clients that we’ll do whatever is possible to meet their needs,” said Tiffany Thompson, President of DaMar Staffing.  

It’s good for recruiters to see people at the locations where they will be employed. The mobile crew helps DaMar accomplish this. DaMar Staffing is a boutique firm specializing in finding unique individuals and passive candidates, so it is important to be flexible and offer quick turn-around times. DaMar takes an unconventional approach to recruiting, which reinforces the idea that DaMar Staffing is the perfect fit for many firms and is able to find the perfect match quickly.