DaMar Staffing Solutions of Indianapolis
is a full service, contingency based recruitment firm, focused on administrative services and professional staffing for all industries.


With over 20 years of experience, DaMar Staffing Solutions has built a reputation for providing quality service, top-notch professional talent and flexible recruiting solutions.

DaMar Staffing Solutions is a boutique staffing agency specializing in finding unique individuals and passive candidates for both temporary and permanent needs. Through a diverse network of contacts the DaMar recruiting team is able to find the perfect match quickly. There are many staffing agencies to choose from, but for companies that are looking to build a close partnership with a staffing agency, which delivers on demand solutions, at an affordable cost, contact DaMar Staffing Solutions today.


Executive Team

Tiffany Thompson Chief Recruiter Damar Staffing of Indianapolis

Tiffany Thompson
Chief Recruiter

Tiffany is very passionate and dedicated to her profession and that makes her an industry standout.  She has played a vital role in placing many exceptional candidates at great companies, earning her a reputation as one of the top recruiters in the city. Tiffany joined DaMar Staffing in 2007, as an executive recruiter.  In 2010, Tiffany jumped at the opportunity to purchase DaMar Staffing.  She continues to build on the DaMar legacy of personalized attention and excellent customer service.  

Linda Baber Damar Staffing of Indianapolis

Linda Baber
Office Administrator

Linda is the first person a candidate will meet when they arrive at DaMar Staffing’s office.  She ensures everyone is greeted warmly and served promptly. Linda started at DaMar in 2004; she was the ninth employee to join the team.  Linda has developed a variety of skills over the years enabling her to provide a high level of service to candidates and clients. Linda has over 20 years of experience working for a Fortune 500 company in various positions including Benefits Coordinator, Payroll Administrator, and Human Resources. 

Chanel Thompson Agency Coordinator Damar Staffing of Indianapolis

Chanel Thompson
Agency Coordinator

Chanel leads the sales and business development efforts for the company. She focuses on maintaining and building long term client relationships. Chanel started at DaMar in 2011 as a part-time employee and later transitioned to full-time. She has gained a broad range of experiences over the years working in various industries, which allows her to easily connect with and understand a wide range of clients. Chanel has over 15 years of experience working for small, medium and large companies in sales and customer service.

Account Executive Damar Staffing of Indianapolis

Account Executive Damar Staffing of Indianapolis

Deborah Cullens
Account Executive

Deborah Cullens is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with clients and candidates. Deborah specializes in forming strong associations that are essential to success in every area of the staffing industry. Prior to starting at DaMar Staffing in 2015, Deborah spent eight years working in account management and sales development. She has learned a classic lesson “treat others the way you want to be treated.” Deborah truly has a passion for moving companies or individuals forward. Deborah Cullens attended Ball State University where she received a Bachelor’s of Science in Journalism and a Master’s Degree in Information and Communication Sciences.

Staffing Counselor Damar Staffing of Indianapolis

Shanell Woodard
Staffing Counselor

Shanell Woodard focuses on establishing and building successful relationships with clients and candidates. Her day-to-day responsibility is finding and connecting those rare individuals, who are among the best at what they do, with great companies. Shanell has over 15 years of experience working in sales and customer service. She really enjoys meeting people and learning about new industries. Her mission is to make sure that she can add value and help people accomplish their goals. Shanell Woodard joined DaMar Staffing in 2016, and her philosophy is “why limit yourself?”


Brief Background


David Marth founded DaMar Staffing Solutions of Cleveland in 2001 and later partnered with Shirley Browne to expand the DaMar operations to Indiana forming DaMar Staffing Solutions of Indianapolis in 2003. Shirley Browne owned and managed DaMar Staffing for seven years, making it very successful and a highly respected firm. Mrs. Browne, now retired, had over 30 years of office staffing experience, which included managing two of the most successful staffing offices in the country.

Tiffany Thompson joined DaMar Staffing Solutions in 2007, as an executive recruiter. Mrs. Browne mentored Tiffany helping her to become an office standout. Tiffany’s dedication to succeed, creativity, hard work and her excellent follow-up skills made her one of the top recruiters in Indianapolis.

Ms. Thompson believes in making money the old-fashioned way: earning it.  At age 28, Tiffany jumped at the opportunity to acquire DaMar Staffing Solutions, when Shirley Browne decided to retire in 2010. As President of DaMar, Tiffany continues to build on Mrs. Browne’s legacy of personalized attention and excellent customer service. Today, DaMar operates with a staffing team of four and a network of recruiters and staffing partners that is pushing the brand to new heights. DaMar Staffing is prepared to do business locally, regionally and nationally.



Clockwise from top left: Shirley Browne. Linda, Shirley and Hue. David Marth and Shirley Browne

Clockwise from top left: Shirley Browne. Linda, Shirley
and Hue. David Marth and Shirley Browne

Tiffany, Debora, Linda and Shanell  

Tiffany, Debora, Linda and Shanell