Hire Real People.

In today’s world, it is easy to (quickly) judge people based on how they look, talk and at times—smell. The truth is it’s hard to determine a person’s potential and value without taking the time to connect with them.  DaMar Staffing takes the time to really meet people.

If you're looking to hire a quality individual, it's important to determine if the candidate has the necessary skills to add value and meet your specific needs; not to judge their facade. Some job seekers are better at presenting a great profile than actually doing the work.  Consider diversifying your work force. Diversity is an advantage, not a limitation.

Human resource professionals work hard seeking individuals they consider to be “perfect.” These individuals, undoubtedly, put in a lot of time and effort identifying the best person (possible) to add value to their company. And, that is noble. The truth is a job candidate doesn’t need to be perfect to be a quality hire.

The team at DaMar Staffing works hard to uncover the specific skills and character needed to match the perfect position. DaMar Staffing endeavors to connect quality candidates with great companies.

There are emerging changes in hiring standards. Office professionals today need skills that go well beyond basic computer abilities. Many companies expect new hires to be proficient in specialized software programs, have an upbeat personality and a squeaky clean background. Every new hire today is vital. That’s why DaMar guarantees each one.

The job market is very competitive. Now, more than ever before, each individual needs to be a quality hire. This raises the bar. It’s important to make sure each candidate is fully qualified, tested and checked out. DaMar guarantees each person recommended is ready to go.