Seven Skills for Job Hunting Like a Pro!

Looking for a job can be stressful, especially if you don't know where to start. Companies today are looking for people with a high level of performance skills.  You should approach job hunting with the same professionalism as you would the job itself. 

 This strategic and methodical approach will give you a clear path to make a great impression and maximize your chances of attracting an employer’s attention.

 Here are a series of steps that will help you identify and attract the right potential employers. But first, it's a good idea to define your ultimate goal and set a schedule to keep you on track; be realistic and make sure your schedule is achievable.

Job hunting like a pro is about attracting new interviews and building relationships through networking. Master these steps and you will be successful in your search.

  1. Start Reading: Select magazines and articles related to your job interest and read them for specific details. Find out what's going on in the industry and companies you've targeted. Learn the latest trends and news about the top people.
  2. Get Organized: You should keep a diary and take notes on what you've learned and the people you’ve identified to contact. Develop a schedule and map your plan of attack. 
  3. Develop Your Writing Style: You will need a powerful cover letter. Write to stand-out, your resume and note cards should develop interest in you. Practice writing in a compelling business style; be brief, showcase your value, no jargon, just simply make your point in a powerful way. Customize each letter or note card for the specific person you are sending it to. 
  4. Sell Your Talents: Your talent(s) is the product and you must market your product (you). Learn how to sell your talents—that’s essential. The best product in the world will never sale if it is not marketed properly. You will not get hired unless you demonstrate how your talents/skills will benefit the employer.
  5. Be Patient: In today's market it will take time to find the right job oppor­tunity. You will have a few failures during your job search. You have to bounce back from disappointments and use them as learning experiences. If you get discouraged, your search will be doomed.
  6. Stay Objective: You must honestly evaluate your situation and status. Adjust your game plan every few weeks. Review what's working and what needs to change. Seek input from family and experts when possible.
  7. Learn How to Negotiate: The ability to close the deal is vital. When you get an offer that requires some negotiations to meet your need, you need the skills to support your position with logical, rationale and emotional dialog. Successful negotiations require all three elements.

Stay tuned for part 2 of Job Hunting Like a Pro—“Four Tasks you Must Perform to Close the Deal.”