Dare to be Different

Building a successful staffing firm requires finding and nurturing special relationships with loyal clients. It’s not an easy process to accomplish, especially in a market saturated with staffing agencies. DaMar Staffing competes with some of largest staffing firms in the state. Success requires honesty and hard work; there are no short cuts or clever one-liners leading to business development. DaMar has learned an agency must offer real value to each client. This team is driven to understand the things that matter to clients and make those things a top priority. The motivation is to make each client’s job a little easier.  

Every staffing firm says they are different from other vendors in town and will build meaningful relationships. Staffing firms bombard HR managers claiming to have unique tools, a special process for reviewing resumes or sourcing candidates.  Many will exaggerate the fact that they have access to a select group of quality candidates. 

We’re Different.

We’re Different.

The truth is sourcing, candidate screening and reviewing resumes are indeed not that different; most industry professionals use standard “best practices” for all these functions. Moreover, if staffing agencies had a proprietary candidate database to recruit from, why do so many clients get the same candidates submitted by different agencies all the time?

DaMar Staffing does not have a proprietary database or special/unique software for reviewing and processing candidates, but they do have a thorough knowledge of the industry, the marketplace and their competition. So, what makes DaMar Staffing different? Their recruiting team is very careful to understand the client’s expectations and then becomes an advocate for that client.

DaMar gathers and shares information that clients and candidates can actually use. This helps each individual become more successful at reaching his or her goals. Matching the right person to a specific job assignment requires patience. This is how DaMar delivers positive value. It is the core business strategy, which permeates the team at all levels. The objective is to develop mutually profitable opportunities.

The commitment to build successful relationships runs deep and it involves a combination of people, processes, knowledge, insight and trust.  And DaMar does it the old fashioned way—elbow grease, sweat and experience. 

Value is the Difference.

Value is the Difference.

Here are seven things that may set DaMar apart in the industry:

            1.       DaMar recruits and interviews constantly, looking for the best talent

            2.      They don’t over-promise and will honestly set client expectations

            3.      A small team of committed professionals will serve your account; you can deal with                    the same person each time

            4.     The passion of the president to serve is unquestionable

            5.      DaMar tracks their successful talent and maintains meaningful connections

            6.     Each client is respected and is truly involved in the recruiting process

            7.      You can expect a team of experts who offer real value

That’s it. DaMar Staffing is a boutique firm specializing in finding and building unique relationships. This model is not right for everyone, but if you are looking to build a close partnership with a staffing firm that delivers on demand solutions, at an affordable price, DaMar may be just what you need.