It Will Take More than Talk to Fix These Issues.

The country faces real issues related to the long-term economy woes and poor job prospects. Millennials and their children will face economic challenges and limited opportunities to prosper through high paying jobs. More than half of the jobs in the growth sectors pay $35K or less. Of the jobs projected to be newly created among top-growing healthcare-related occupations, 71 % will pay less than $30K. DaMar can help you plan your future career moves.

Today, 42 % of U.S. workers make less than $15 per hour. That needs to change. Middle-income jobs are going away and low-pay jobs are growing rapidly. Women (55%) and people of color (60%) are over represented in the jobs paying less than $15 per hour. About half of the U.S. workers ages 35 and older earn less than $15 per hour are. DaMar works to find the best talent and to find them the highest paying jobs possible.

Many job seekers will have to take bold action and move beyond their comfort zone. The job market is getting tighter and more competitive. Candidates need courage and self-confidence to succeed. It’s important to understand how technology's role is creating, shaping and managing job opportunities. Candidates must become technologically savvy to qualify for better paying jobs, improve their quality of life, and share in the new economy equitably. DaMar helps connect people with new opportunities.

You can’t afford to stumble into a good job; it takes a detailed plan and a good strategy. No matter what career or experience level you’re at, you’ll need a road map. Here are five key points: 1) Figure out your value. 2) Make a list of firms that fit you. 3) Define your brand and message. 4) Identify any red flags you have. 5) Learn how to negotiate.      

Prepare yourself for 2017; the first 60 days will be critical. If you are looking and ready for a career change, start writing a new résumé now. Remember to put yourself in the shoes of those who will be hiring you. What will make HR managers excited about you? Your answers need to be reflected in everything you do—from your responses on job searches to your cover letter, your résumé and your interview. Craft a compelling story for yourself. That becomes your personal brand. Take your life into your own hands, and go to work. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve with the right mind-set.

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