It's Time to Open Your Eyes.


Open Your Eyes and you may see firsthand how difficult it is to harvest quality talent. To win in the recruiting game, it is important to broaden your vision and change how you evaluate talent. If you learn how to improve your ability to identify talent, it opens up the market for you. Stop focusing so hard on policy, procedures and protocol; you will miss the hidden jewels that may not fit into the standard box. Become comfortable with breaking standard recruiting practices. Look beyond the paper.

Ask yourself; what does good talent look like? Here are three qualities you should look for when evaluating talent:

1)      A natural leader

2)     The ability to listen (coachable and trainable)

3)     Willingness to work hard

If you spot these three qualities in a candidate—grab them. No matter how they look on paper. These attributes are the fundamental building blocks of a winner.