Magnetism is an Irresistible Force.

Are you making the same mistake that many other firms are making; focusing on recruiting instead of systematically building a strong talent brand? Companies with a strong talent brand will increase their ability to hire top talent. Firms with a weak talent brand will continue to struggle to attract and maintain quality talent.

Companies are struggling to find and hire good people—it’s all-out war.  Quality talent is out there, the challenge is finding it. One problem is firms are chasing the same people.  The only way a company can rise above the recruiting crowd, is to become magnetic. This means developing a talent brand that attracts quality talent verses chasing it.

The Three Keys to Magnetic Attraction

1.          Company culture: develop an environment where people want to work and can make                 positive contributions to society.

2.         Develop young talent: help employees grow, provide training, and offer advancement                 opportunities.

3.         Corporate engagement: turn your mission and purpose into relevant collaborative social             projects. 

Magnetism takes work, but it is worth it. Build a reputation for being a good company to work for and your firm will see multiple benefits.