Be Fast, Quick and Swift.

Eight tips to  streamline your hiring process .

Eight tips to streamline your hiring process.

If you are a business leader, you’ve probably heard the advice “hire slow and fire fast.” And, in some isolated cases there may be justifications for this approach, but in reality it makes no sense for today’s fast-paced business world. Hiring slow will cost you money and reduce your ability to attract top talent. Before adopting this approach, consider the logic of streamline your hiring process to be fast, quick and swift.

If your company is concern about bad hires that will slow your hiring process. The fear of making a wrong hiring decision can be real and understandable. Hiring mistakes are costly. However, operating short staffed may be worst. It’s not only costly but also painful, distracting and requiring managers to do three times the work. The longer the hiring process drags on the greater chances are for making mistakes. It can be a vicious cycle. 

If you can eliminate the fear, and streamline your process, you will have the confidence to move fast to make offers to the best candidates. With qualified talent in short supply, you need to hire quickly and effectively. This may require collaboration and help from external staffing experts. An expert staffing firm can offer you a talent pipeline, better interviewing methods and greater accountability.

It is important to find a staffing partner that understands your expectations and will move with speed and accuracy. Streamlining your hiring methods will promote rapid decision-making and liberate managers to hire sooner. Free your managers from the shackles associated with bad hires. Encourage managers to be fast to hire, quick to inspire and swift to hold people accountable. That is called leading and that’s what you want managers to do for the company.

Start by considering these tips for streamlining your hiring process.

  • Review and updated all job descriptions for each position in every department. That will require additional time and work, but you will be ready when a position opens.

  • Build your referral network and use social media to get the word out that you have an open position.

  • Review all resumes promptly, avoiding the paperwork bottlenecks. Identify and review all job openings and candidates to prioritize the hiring process.

  • Thoroughly screen all candidates carefully, first on paper and then by phone or video, before you consider scheduling in-person interviews.

  • Provide recruitment training for all people involved in the hiring decisions.

  • Always check and review references to avoid any last minute surprises.   

Once you've decided on a candidate, move quickly and make an honest offer.  Don’t waste any time, if you believe they are a good hire other companies probably do as well.