Why Your Talent Brand Matters

Hilton tops the 2019 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For®

Hilton tops the 2019 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For®

Global talent acquisition leaders (75 percent) agree that a company’s talent brand can have a significant impact on its ability to hire great talent.

A strong talent brand can reduce cost-per-hire by more than 50%, but it can actually help attract top-tier candidates in a crowded market. Still not convinced about this “talent brand” thing? Here are four more reasons why you should focus on establishing your talent brand:

1. Talent branding helps engage passive candidates: passive candidates are the Holy Grail for recruiters. Passive candidates are those highly skilled individuals who are not actually looking for jobs right now. Passive candidates are nearly 80% of the workforce; so finding and attracting PCs should be a high priority.

2. Talent branding influences the retention of current talent: An effective talent brand does more than just help you attract the right talent; it also helps you keep them once they’re in the door. And, turnover has a dramatic effect on a company’s bottom line; experts estimate the cost at more than double the initial salary.

3. Talent branding generates more referrals from employees: When employees enjoy working for their companies, they’re happy to tell friends and colleagues about their experiences. Talent branding makes this easier by providing multiple methods for employees to easily share the latest news, reports and job openings within your company.

4. Talent branding allows you to take control of firm’s reputation: When it comes to employees that were fired or laid off, 38 percent tend to post negative reviews about their former employers online. Having a strong talent brand can help you combat any less-than-stellar reviews that former employees make about your company.

The advantages of a strong talent brand include attracting the best candidates, higher employee retention, cost savings and time efficiencies. In addition, your organization has more control over its public reputation.

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