Culture Drives Success

Highly engaged employees will promote a winning culture.

Highly engaged employees will promote a winning culture.

About 92% of job seekers say corporate culture is valuable to them and that it would influence their decisions to accept job offers. Everyone wants to be part of a progressive organization that builds and promotes winners. Companies that focus on culture are becoming icons for top job seekers.

Top candidates are fighting to land at great places to work. That is why many companies are waging war to build the “best workplace in the world.” Employers are trying many new perks to attract and engage staff; firms are implementing things like free food, unlimited vacation, yoga classes, beer bashes, and bright, open spaces.

The executive teams must be responsible for driving the organizations’ cultures. Smart companies are emphasizing employee engagement to lower the risk of turnover, boost customer satisfaction, and increase overall success. The challenge is that a workplace culture of engagement can’t be forced; it must be ingrained in your business model and within each individual employee.

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