Seven Tips to Write Powerful Notes that Will Change Your Life.

If you’re looking to boost your career search, a well-written letter can be a game changer. “Trust me: as an expert recruiter and career coach, I can guarantee if you take the time to customize a short letter or hand-written note, it will open doors.” The right message will highlight in a few powerful sentences why you are special.

Chances are you encounter people on a regular basis, who can help change your career path. The key is to recognize them and know how to proactively connect; it’s called networking. This is not a lesson in networking; but without meeting new influential people, you are isolated in your own little world—few new opportunities there.

This article is about the power of notes designed to open doors of opportunity and possibilities. Here are seven tips on how to write a compelling message:

·       Make it personal — make a personal connection between you and the individual you are           writing.

·       Say something nice about person — “I admire how you accomplished career success.”

·       Be clear that you are excited to meet and/or work with them. Offer to help with a                     challenge they may have.

·       Include two sentences about your background; offer just enough information to show a             relevant connection and fit.

·       Mention the name of a mutual associate or connection (if possible).

·       Make an ask or give a call-to-action, like a 30-minute phone call or to meet for coffee. (Do         not go overboard or inappropriate.) Ask in a way that feels collaborative and beneficial.

·       Explain your rationale and objective behind sending the note and asking for a meeting.

Writing an unexpected note can make a huge and lasting impact. If you identify the right people and tailor your message, they will jump at a chance to meet you and explore your talent, enthusiasm and value.

Tiffany Thompson is the president of DaMar Staffing Solutions, a top recruiting firm located in Indianapolis.  Ms. Thompson is a top recruiter and works with clients locally, regionally and nationally.